What we’re doing here at Power 20
March 19, 2014



Here at Power 20 we’re working to build the best-in-class apps for every genre of content-based exercise apps. We’re constantly improving on our simple formula for guiding people through workouts.

We deliver the best possible workout given the medium people are using. Every user should have a good experience with Power 20, even if it’s their first time using an app to workout or even if it’s their first time exercising.

We Usually Say No

Keeping it simple means we say “no” more than we say “yes.” No, we aren’t creating user accounts. No, we aren’t reminding you to workout. No, we aren’t putting a voice on the workouts or adding built-in music.

Power 20 apps are not tools you must shape your life around. It’s the other way around. Use it when you need it. Use it as you need it. And as you derive more benefit, we hope you’ll use these more often.