Exercise Relieves Constipation
March 11, 2014
Exercise regularly for smooth sailing in the bathroom.

Exercise regularly for smooth sailing in the bathroom.

The promise of more regular and comfortable bowel movements is a wonderfully potent addition to the already-long list of reasons to exercise. Exercise, along with a high-fiber diet and regular fluid intake, is a proven cure for most cases of constipation.

Running, sprinting, doing aerobic movements, workouts like Power 20, and even weight lifting all cause food to pass through our bodies faster. Less water is absorbed from waste, easing its passage through the colon.

Don’t Overdo It

One of our bodies’ ways of protesting extreme workouts is with diarrhea. Extreme, unreasonable bouts of exercise (like marathons) can trigger “Runner’s Trots.” While we don’t know the exact causes, some speculate that the mechanical trauma –  physical jostling of the organs – caused by prolonged running may be to blame.

So if your toilet routine is less than easy and regular, you should consider adding a daily dose of exercise.