How Daily 20-Minute Workouts Can Change You For The Better
May 15, 2015

20140809_164826Our bodies benefit from almost any amount of exercise. But when it comes to the optimal amount, research indicates that 20-minutes is sufficient to improve and maintain great health, which is why Power 20 created a suite of exercise apps featuring 20-minute exercise routines. But how often should one do these routines? 

Workout with Power 20 five days a week.

To get noticeably stronger, improve balance and heart health, and see changes in the body (or maintain a high level of fitness), do a Power 20 workout five days a week. No other exercise is needed. Rest on the weekends. People who use Power 20 daily report the highest level of satisfaction from the apps and see the greatest health benefits. Here’s why:

  • You skip fewer workouts. You’re less likely to skip when a daily Power 20 workout is baked into your routine.
  • Results are easier to see. When you do Power 20 every day, you become keenly aware of which level is most difficult and where your weak spots are. You’ll be acutely aware of the day that you break past previous barriers.
  • You start developing better habits. As you become more in tuned with your bodies needs, you’ll know that a hard night of drinking, for example, will hamper the next day’s workout. So you will unconsciously start eating, drinking and sleeping better.
  • Daily workouts become addictive. And that’s a good thing, as you’ll shift from feeling like you should workout to absolutely looking forward to your next workout.
  • You’ll experience fewer injuries. Power 20 movements are designed to avoid injury. You won’t get poked in the eye by teammates, you won’t get concussed from a high-speed collision, and you won’t get shinsplints from running miles. And when you get used to doing the movements regularly, your likelihood of injury goes down even more.

Exercise is the first step.

Sadly, a bad diet cannot be overcome with good exercise habits. This is especially true after age 25 when our metabolism begins its inevitable decline. To meaningfully transform the body while reducing the risk of developing chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, we should meditate, sleep well, eat a whole-food, plant-based diet, socialize regularly and exercise daily. All this is prescribed in the Power 20 Method.

You can do it.

The single most important factor in one’s ability to adhere to a new regimen is their belief that they can do it and that the new regimen will work. These beliefs are both self-fulfilling.

We tested the Power 20 Method on over 100 people in 2013. Some of the results are here: men lost an average of 12 pounds and women dropped two dress sizes. More profound results come from Power 20 users who have written in to share their stories, like this one.