A Workout For The Rest of Us: Power 20 Beginners Workout
November 18, 2014

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Most exercise apps and fitness programs are made for the already healthy. They don’t consider the impact of old sports injuries, bad knees, or chronic pain. It’s with these people in mind that I created the Power 20 Beginners Workout app.

Beginners Workout is broadly applicable to anyone who wants to get in shape, but doesn’t want to get injured or go too fast early on. The goal is to gradually build balance and strength, to ultimately create dramatic improvements in health and quality of life.

I researched the this app by teaching classes at senior centers in Brooklyn, NY.

I researched the this app by teaching classes at senior centers in Brooklyn, NY.

To create the content I spent hundreds of hours working out with as many people as possible to learn about limitations. I taught classes at a Brooklyn senior center to see what septuagenarians and octogenarians could and couldn’t do. I watched young but sedentary people struggle with the original Power 20 app during weekly workout sessions at Blueprint Health. I exercised with my older family members. Ultimately, the routines in the Beginners App are a mashup of insights from experts, the existing literature, and my real world experience.

The end product is a series of 20 minute workout routines, many of which are seated. There are no dramatic shifts from the ground to standing, since that in itself is hard for many. We gently move from one area of the body to the next, creating a full-body workout. There are no explosive movements or perilous positions, but each routine will elevate the heart rate and build strength. No weights or special equipment are needed.

Maybe the Beginners Workout is too easy for you, but I hope  you will share it with the people in your life who could benefit from it. After all, what greater gift can we give than the gift of health?

Thank you for your time, and happy exercising,

Arshad Chowdhury

Founder, Power 20

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